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About Us

This blog (www.hollamide.com) is own by Mr Olamide Adegoke. It was established in the year Jan 2016. I moved to United state of  America year 2016 , with my experience from the country I have traveled to I now devote my time to create the best website.

I sincerely hope that the information in my articles will give to your happiness and contentment in your intimate couple relationship and homes.

If life is tough for you right now – Hang on in there. I know you can manage it  – I believe in you! I know that you were born not just to survive but to thrive, and I want you to hold on to that belief too – every single day.

I’m aiming to increase your knowledge, awareness and understanding of the psychology of human relationships so that you’ll feel stronger in the face of any challenge in your relationship. I hope to empower you to be bold and courageously make the necessary changes to enable you to overcome your problems. Ultimately, this will help you to regain your peace of mind and happiness.

Our vision

Our vision is a future in which strong and stable personal and social relationships are seen as the basis of a thriving society.

Our mission

The Alliance’s mission is to develop and support strong and stable personal and social relationships by:

  • Championing the importance of relationships so that they are valued in all aspects of public policy and across national and local government.
  • Helping the media, politicians, policy makers and public service providers to understand how relationship matter.
  • Generating and disseminating high quality information, insight and research on the importance and impact of supporting relationships.
  • Growing the market place for relationship support so that more relationships are supported in more ways.
  • Developing the capacity of the local relationship support sector so that they are able to adapt to rapidly changing public policy.