Anybody can up their sex appeal by dressing in a way that flatters their body, smelling, donning those heels, and wearing make-up that accentuates their best features. This is standard protocol when we think about what makes us look sexy. But, there are a few non-sexual things that you do, that up your sex appeal without you even realizing it. Such as…
1. Exercising
Yes, it’s not because it makes you fit, but because it makes you a happy person. People who are physically active, and connected with their body stand apart. It’s in the way they hold themselves, and the way they relate to others. They are happy people. They take care of themselves, and that makes them sexy.
2. Reading
Come on! Are you really going to argue this one? It is sexy to be smart. But, more importantly, readers also make for good conversationalists because, if nothing else, they will always have a book or a character that’s on their mind that they’d want to talk about. Good conversation is orgasm for the brain. If you’re not stimulated up there, being turned on down their will only be short-lived.
3. Laughing
We are attracted to happy people. If you’re the one who sits in the corner, sulking at a party, chances are you’ll be doing that all night. Good vibes attract good vibes.

4. Smelling nice
It’s not just about wearing good perfume. Subtle fragrances like the whiff of your shampoo, or your body lotion titillate the senses, and go a long way.

5. Not caring about what others think
There are two kinds of people in this world – ones who are out to have fun because they want to show the world just how carefree and cool they are, and ones who are out to have fun for the sake of having fun. They dance differently, hold their drink differently, and are entirely focused on themselves. It is the latter that attract attention, precisely because they are not actively searching for it.
6. Being able to hold your alcohol
No one finds people who don’t know when they’ve had enough to drink, sexy. It is not attractive when you can’t walk straight, or when you can’t keep from throwing up all the alcohol you had. It is, however, quite attractive when you have that happy buzz after one or two drinks, enough to loosen you up a bit, but not so much that you can’t think straight.

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