Whether achievable or comically unrealistic, every couple has their set of goals.
Growing old together and striving to make all your dreams come true can be a reality.
But some goals — like these — might just remain a fantasy.

1. Hit it big
Money can’t buy happiness; but being rich doesn’t hurt!

2. Raise perfect children
Raising perfect children isn’t hard … it’s impossible.

3. Own the most fabulous house
Hosting a dinner party? No problem! Just invite everyone over to enjoy your massive, perfect home.

4. Take a vacation for two
Taking time off from work and leaving the kids behind for a romantic getaway for the two of you? Maybe when you’re 50.

5. Capture the perfect family photo
We’ll just leave this right here.

6. Look flawless (no matter where you’re going)
As you’re going for a quick run to the grocery store, don’t forget your personal photographer to capture how effortlessly fabulous you look every minute of every day.

7. Take an enjoyable family road trip
It will be a blissful, smooth-sailing trip where nothing goes wrong. Right?

8. Keep a consistent dinner time
Dad walks in the door from work to find well-behaved children patiently waiting for a healthy dinner Mom JUST pulled out of the oven.

9. Have a pristinely clean house
When company drops by, not even a couch cushion is out of place.

10. Keep up with laundry
Washed, dried, folded and put away. Check, check, check and check.

11. Have a perfect figure after having babies
Three kids later and you’re looking better than ever. He’s still got the abs and you’ve still got those killer thighs and flat stomach.

12. Be a super husband who can do it all
He’s got the perfect job with the perfect salary, provides the dream house and car, takes care of the kids, has huge muscles, does the grocery shopping, cooks, folds the laundry, looks good all the time AND cleans the house.

13. Knock out grocery shopping quickly
Your bank account isn’t suffering so you can get everything on your pricey, organic and healthy meal plan. You’ll be in and out of the store in under an hour.

14. Read each other’s minds
Sometimes this would make your relationship so much easier.
Remember to laugh it off when life isn’t always as glamorous as you wish it could be. Making memories with those you love beats a clean house any day.

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