Everyone wishes to get married, we dream of having the greatest partner and kids. We want to also experience those great moments we see some family having.

While all these are so cool, not everyone gets all these. We often spend the whole world during preparation of our marriage, just as if the more we spend on our marriage, the longer and sweeter it will be.
If you ever had a marital problem, I know you must be shaking your head and saying, “no”. Yeah, you are just right. Before any two partners get married, i have a few questions I want them to ask each other. Just a few, here they go.
1. How does your partner’s family react to conflicts

We have different types of homes around us. We see different ways things are done in families. Some families are really poor when it comes to conflict, but some are excellent when it comes to conflict.

We are affected by what we see around us, what happens around us and how things are done around. You don’t really know how your partners family react to conflict.

You don’t know if objects are thrown when there is conflict. This is why you have to ask your partner. Ask your partner how conflicts are reacted to in their family. If conflicts are reacted to in a negative way, that’s a great opportunity to wipe out that tendency from your own family.

So ask your partner, “How does your family react to conflicts.”

2. Do you want to have children? How many children do you want to have? What are your responsibilities on your children?

We often tend to ignore the issue of children before getting married. We don’t always ask if we want to have children. We do fail to ask each other, how many children do we want to have together? If we must have children, then what are our roles over our children.

These questions which appears so simple and straight-forward often surprise couples after marriage, when they discover they fare differently on this issue. Unfortunately, the best time to know each other’s view is just before your marriage.

Ask your partner, “Do you want us to have children together? How many children do you want us to have? What are your responsibilities on our children?

3. How important is sex to you?
Yeah, this is very important. One of the reasons why we get married is to satisfy our sexual urge. One of the reasons why we often divorce is sex related issues. 

We all have how often we want sex, what we enjoy most during sex and how we communicate our sexual urge. Failure to understand how important sex is to our partner doesn’t reflect a sign of a healthy relationship.

When you don’t know how often your partner wants sex, it’s not difficult to see issues arising. When you don’t know what exactly your partner appreciates most in sex, it’s not difficult to hear complaint about not being sexually satisfied.

You have to ask your partner, “How important is sex to you?”

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