I was going to start this article with my story. I was in a relationship sometimes ago, but I had to end it for some important reasons. I had to change my environment when the whole thing happened. 

One day I found myself in a situation where I had to stay in my former environment for a few days. On a night, I decided to stay outside and stare at the moon. I began to feel the cool breeze on my skin and all I could think of was the moment I had with her back then.

Although I wasn’t crying or sad, but tears rolled down my eyes and I wanted to just go into that moment again. The feeling was so strong and I wanted us to have another moment together.
I tried all means I could to reach her, unfortunately I couldn’t. On a neutral day, my ex wouldn’t have crossed my mind for a moment. I am a very strong person, but I was surprised just the breeze can take me closer to my ex.
If this could affect someone like me, then it can help someone like you. I am here to teach you how to strengthen your relationship with every great moment you had with your partner. Here we go.
The man reason why those moments I had with my ex, filled my brain is because they were preserved. The environment is a very cool place and the breeze at night is always so suiting. There are trees around, and the air you breathe in are so great and you can’t help being cheerful.
The breeze reminded me of those moments I had with my ex. My brain was able to re-surface the moments I had. In short, it was like my moments was preserved in the breeze.
This is what I want you to do. Although you might not be able to preserve your moments with your partner in the breeze, but you can follow the basic concept to achieve the same result.
You can preserve your great moments in a book, when you are enjoying those great moments. You shouldn’t do it alone, you should do it with your partner. Get a book and you and your partner should always write down those moments when you are enjoying them.
The book should not be what you read every, it should be a book that you write in when you are having great moments. You should only read it with your partner on very special occasions.
It could be on your birthday, your partner’s birthday, your wedding anniversary, or any other special time. I hope this magic that worked on me also repeats itself in your case. I hope resurfacing of your great moments would bring you and your partner closer.

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