Falling in love can be as easy as falling asleep but sometimes it takes a long time to finally realise that those butterflies that you are feeling is actually love. While we girls may have our own way of showing our commitment, here are 10 things that happen to guys when they realise that things are getting serious.

1. He has stopped evading the ‘talk’. He is ready to sit down and discuss future.

2. You suddenly find him introducing you to all his friends and also his sibling, and maybe his mom too.

3. He takes a far greater interest in your family affairs and makes serious efforts to meet and get along with them.

4. He really wants to know what you envision for yourself in the future.

5. He starts to relax around you and be totally himself.

6. He cares more. And no this is nothing to do with jealousy.

7. In fact, he trusts you more easily now.

 8. He isn’t scared to talk about his feelings with you.

9. He starts saving up seriously and plans for a future.

10. You actually find him planning couple vacations. Without being worried of what signals that might give out.


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