Love is a great thing. It’s a powerful force holding billions of people together. This love is one of those things that keeps a relationship for a long period.
As good as love is, not everyone knows how to make love grow bigger. Most love grow to an extent and fail to continue growing.  Knowing how to make the love between you and your partner grow so big until you both feel inside one another, is important. Let’s take a tour.

1. Kiss for six seconds.
While kissing might look like an ordinary thing done by partners, it is more powerful than you think. Just like eye contact, prolonged kissing is a very powerful tool that helps love in both parties grow. The more time you and your partner take to kiss earnestly, the more the love in both of you grows. Kissing has a stronger effect in women.

2. Greet your partner at the end of the day
Not everyone knows how useful talking with their partner at the end of the day is important. It doesn’t seem like an action that has so much power in it. Talking with your partner at the end of the day means asking them about how their day went. Its involves asking taking your time to listen earnestly to them, while you avoid judging their actions.

3. Frequent contact
Everyone reacts to touch. Yes everyone does. I was surprised when my girl friend back then walked up to me and said, “I have been suspecting you love me, and now I know how strong it is.” I asked how, and she smiled and replied “Everyone saw how you reacted when I touched you on the neck”.

She did touch me on the neck that day, but I didn’t take note of how I reacted to the touch. Effect of touches might be so subtle, but they are important and helpful in making love grow.

4. Stay in touch throughout the day
Staying in touch throughout the day is a very powerful way of making love grow bigger. Staying in touch throughout the day leaves a strong impression of care on peoples mind. The impression of care is so vital in a relationship. Knowing a partner cares about you helps to strengthen love and trust. It also makes the two parties cheerful all the time.

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