OK, so, I got this message from a friend late last year,around November…”Banke, do you know Sholape and Tope are no longer together, I mean they broke up? ” I replied, “babe, how can your joke be this expensive, Hahah, how can Sholape and Tope break up, after how many years, the relationship is too good to end babe” but I later came back to my senses that even a Good relationship can crumble no matter the number of years. And the rate at which relationships end today ehnnn, it’s alarming. Back to Sholape and tope’s issue o, I met this ‘great couple’ while in school and I heard they started dating way before coming to school, and I’ve known them together for like Seven (7) years now. Who could ever believe this relationship won’t lead to marriage, Hmmm… they were given the best couple award in school, they were so close, they ran a boutique together while in school. As someone who reads about relationships a lot and heard lots of experiences, the issue the relationship had might be cause of the following .

1. They lived a couple’s live while on campus, no breathing space even after leaving school…why Na? We need to learn to have a live apart from our relationships I think,give each other breathing space. Give them that space and watch them from afar, staying too close to them might not let them show you who they are. I have heard of many relationships come to an end even after living together as couple for many years. please women we need to stop this o.

2. Sholape took so many things from Tope all in the name of love, I heard she caught Tope with one of her friends and other things like that, but they call them normal for guys,excuse me… we close friends knew they were not having it all too well. I think Tope could never change cause Sholape believes it’s normal for guys… Excuse me women, some things are not normal, follow your heart but go with your brain they say. Some of my friends think I’m a killjoy (lol) when I point out some not too good things in their relationships, most of them will later say “ah and Banke said it o, this girl is a witch”.

3. Another thing is, I think they’ve grown tired of each other now, but sorry why wont it be like that, I heard from my source again (lol) that Sholape met this new guy, they started as friends, Tope was warning Sholape to stop been friends with the guy, Sholape started doing hide and seek for Tope, whenever he wants to come over she will give excuses just to be with the new guy. They started drifting apart and that was all… I think Sholape got tired, which could have happened to anybody, we all get tired of our partners sometimes, so I think giving enough breathing space would have saved them.

4. Or what do you think, maybe Sholape just started realizing Tope is not good enough for her, or she has being playing along in the relationship cause of what people will say, they’ve plastered their faces on each other ‘s social media platforms, maybe she was shy cause of that. But we shouldn’t be like that, thinking of what people will say at the detriment of our happiness and life. when a relationship is not working out well we shouldn’t pretend because of people’s opinion. Most times we see these “red signals” but we ignore them for the fear of starting all over some will say (my friends now call me red signals).

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