I was having a discussion with this new friend I met during NYSC camp, “Whom I assume was in the most perfect relationship”, her boyfriend called her and she was grumbling, she is in the same state with this her boyfriend o, (you should imagine how they were ordained from heaven, (lol) I asked her what the problem was, she said “he talks too much… Imagine the look I gave her, I asked if that was all, so she started coming up with different things, like, she likes him as a friend,she said she is not sure she loves him Jare and she likes guys with much hair on their head (afro), so I asked her, “Tola, if another guy with Afro should come and ask you out will you accept? she laughed and said yes o, so i concluded for her I said “Tola you don’t love this guy, Abeg, no think am”. 
now analyzing some things she said:

HE TALKS TOO MUCH? my sister, my brother if he or she talks too much let him know, yes let him know, you can do it, if you love him and that’s the thing irritating you about him, let him know, let me tell you how a cousin did it when her boyfriend wanted to finish her with calls and talk talk(she told the guy ” dear, let us reduce the way we talk in a day, let us save all these conversations and save airtime money, in a very loving way, even the guy said “babe are you saying I talk too much? Ah see yabbing o) but they said all that in a loving way, they are getting married on the 4th of February. We really need to understand something in relationships, if you can’t open up to that person you are in a relationship with I don’t think it will work,be free.
I PREFER HIM AS A FRIEND, NOT SURE I LOVE HIM? We need to stop wasting our time o, is there a thing like I am not sure I love him? you don’t love is you don’t love, sometimes been friends with that person is the best you can be, don’t try to start a relationship because you are friends, you know how you feel when you love someone and when you just want to be friends. Don’t waste his or her time.
IF A GUY WITH AFRO SHOULD COME SHE WILL SAY YES? it’s now you will leave him in a “oh God situation” abi, you know you don’t love that person when you still think of accepting other guys proposals (to me o), you didn’t know there is no Afro on his head or she does not have dimples and gap tooth  before the relationship started, now you think of silly excuses. Just make that decision on time, if you want him or her as just a friend let him or her know.

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